Say hello to Larry!

Larry Fink has been breeding and raising purebred hogs most of his life. He attended Blackhawk East College, where he received his associate’s degree in animal science. Then at Western Illinois University, he received his Bachelor’s degree in agriculture science. Larry was on the national livestock judging team at both schools and has had the opportunity to learn and work alongside some of the nation’s best livestock breeders. He does Destiny Meats’ breeding and genetic work and assists Darvin and Kathy with the farm’s day-to-day operations.

Meet Cindy, another partner in Destiny Meats.

Cindy keeps our College Hills Customers happy! She inventories and stocks the freezer regularly to keep everything fresh. She enjoys seeing and talking to the staff at the meat shop. We thank Cindy for all her hard work at College Hills and all the customers who shop locally!

Darvin focuses on raising happy pigs for healthy pork.

Destiny Meats hogs are grown on the Miller Pork Farm. Darvin Miller is a third-generation farmer, raising hogs his entire life on his family’s farm. Darvin and his wife Kathy supervise all pig growth and development stages from breeding to market. The Millers’ priority is the care and health of their animals. They’re committed to sustainability and continuous improvement of their farm. Its mission is to produce safe, nutritious food responsibly and sustainably, guided by ethical principles: Animal Well-being, Environment, Food Safety, Public Health, and Community.

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